There is a place deep within each of us that can only be reached supernaturally by the hand of God. This secret place may be unknown and unvisited, even by ourselves. Some of the deepest wounds live and hide there and, even if they seem non-existent, their influence is strongly felt and seen in our daily lives and interactions with others. This mysterious place might be recognized as our soul. 

It all began one day when I was suddenly surprised by my own thoughts. I started to feel a false strength, it was almost like feeling proud of my accomplishment. I realized I knew well how to  put aside any hurt, any pain that crossed my way, and that I perfectly knew how to live without letting that pain touch or disturb me. 

Contrary to this thought, a few weeks before I became keenly aware of the great need I had of inner healing and of my incapability of producing it. 

“How can I make a way to my soul?”, I then asked the Lord? How can I try to heal or, at least, soften the pain that lives in me? Only God, my soul, only God can get there. Only His hand can bring the healing touch that you so desperately need. 

Is there any way I can access that place with my own efforts?  What if I am willing, and even desperate, to calm the pain that dwells in there day after day? 

Lord, I’m aware that there is a deep need of healing there; I want it; I urgently need it. Can you help me, Father?

That was my plea to him one day, and what was his answer? Tears. Tears that, by releasing them to run at their will, would slowly dig within my soul carving their way into its deepest part, opening it up in absolute vulnerability. 

Finally, the healing and consolation that I so desperately desired was felt. I experienced a balm of wellbeing deep within me; His hand was over the center of the pain; and I clearly saw the nature of the pain, where it came from, how it affected me on a daily basis, and how I was utterly incapable of healing it, if it wasn’t only by the hand of my Father. Tears were the key to this passage, tears that He granted me by His grace alone. 

I suddenly woke up! Yes, this was a dream, as many of the moments God grants me with Him– they come in dreams. You might ask then, What makes you believe this is truly a divine intervention and not the fruit of your imagination? 

The clarity and healing I felt as I woke up were undeniable. I tried, over and over, to find the best way to describe the wellbeing I felt in my soul that morning, but I couldn’t. If any description could fit, it is one of feeling my Father’s calming hand pressing strongly towards the deepest part of my pain as He allowed and encouraged the flow of my tears to run loose, bathing my soul. 

Besides all these feelings of deep healing and comfort, there was one clear message from the Lord: “You need to let me touch your pain. You need to be willing to become vulnerable before me. Don’t hide your pain from me. Bring it to me.”

God heals in mysterious ways, and there is one thing for certain: His will is to heal us, and He will find the way to get to our pain if we only call Him and bring it to Him after recognizing that nothing, and no one else, can reach these depths in our soul. 

“I am the Lord your healer.” Exodus 15:26


By Karla Cebreros