“My Will Doesn’t Know How to Do Small Things”

Have you ever pondered the weight of your daily, routine actions? I am in love with God and, somehow, I have always connected my desire to love Him in “big ways,” with performing “big actions.” I see people doing great things for God, missionaries lifting big projects in God’s name producing considerable fruits, ministries moving with power bringing countless souls to Christ, evangelizers filled with gifts attracting hundreds of people and leading them to God and His Word. All of this, to me and I believe to the Lord as well, are great works done in God’s name that truly please Him and allow His kingdom to be brought and extended throughout our very needy world. But then I see myself, and a feeling of dissatisfaction begins to rumble within me. What am I doing for you, Lord? How am I expressing my big love for You in tangible ways? If it weren’t for God’s intervention I would, surely and quickly, start spiraling down, letting the enemy’s whispers of defeat and hopelessness enter my mind.

It is in these moments that the following words cut through my soul like a powerful beam of light, removing any darkness that the enemy had tried to blow over me.   

                                     “My Will doesn’t know how to do small things.” (1)

What does God want to tell me with these words? The acts done in my Will are Divine seeds which carry with them the Divine Life. (2)

This is a great revelation for me.  I pray every day for His Kingdom to come and for Him to give me the grace to become a vessel that He can use for this purpose. Is this then the answer?

Yes! Calling Him on every instant of my day so that it is He who performs that action in me, not anymore myself, but God doing it in me.  St. Paul expressed this same idea so beautifully and simply: “It is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me” (Galatians 2:20). 

Call Me in every single act of your day; call Me when you serve others so they can feel My tender love and care for them; call Me when that “difficult” encounter is approaching and you know things might not turn out right; call Me when you are listening to those painful words that you can’t listen to without reacting or feeling down. But do not only call Me when you are serving or interacting with others – call me at your most ordinary moments; call Me when you are drinking a glass of water and thank me for it; call Me when you are feeling the water of the water of the shower touching your skin, when you hear the song of a bird, when you feel the light of the sun touching you skin. Let My Divine Will live each of those moments “in” you.

Above all, call me in your most private moments; call me when you pray, so it is Me, in you, praying to My father and interceding for you before Him. Call me in your sickness so that My healing touch can move through your mind and body; call Me in your desperation and anxiety so that My peace can move through you and bring light into the shadows; call Me when you cry so that My tears can heal your aching heart.

Call me and simply say:

                                   “Come Divine Will and live this moment in me.”

There is no act, no matter how insignificant it may appear to us, that can’t be turned into a powerful opportunity to bring down the Kingdom of Heaven to earth when it is impregnated with God’s Divine will and presence. Call Him without ceasing during your day and transform yourself and the world around you by letting His kingdom come through you. 

                 “Call Me. The Divine knows how to do great things where it reigns.”(3)



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